Welcome to Mølla hotell

After a complete restoration and facelift the historic Lillehammer mill house has been transformed into one of the world’s most unusual hotels! Mølla Hotel has 58 rooms with 15 of them as single rooms. Staying at the Mølla Hotel, you are surrounded by the original architecture and machinery of the historic mill – along with photographs and memorabilia from 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics. It’s an unforgettable experience!
Mølla Hotel is located in the heart of old Lillehammer, just steps away from  Lillehammer’s lively “Gågata” and not far from Maihaugen and Bjærkebekk, Sigrid  Undset’s home. Skiing and family fun are just 15 km away in Hafjell Ski Arena and Hunderfossen Family Park. High atop you’ll find the city’s highest watering hole – the Toppen Bar – with a fantastic view of the city. And in the mill’s old grinding house from 1863 – our restaurant, Egon.

The idea of Mølla Hotel came from architectural firm Halvorsen and Reine, which came across the old mill standing like a withered stalk in the middle of Lillehammer.

From the architects:
During our work on other hotels in town, we made a lot of trips to Lillehammer. We came across the mill, situated in the city core, along the Mesna River, and just a stone’s throw from Lillehammers Pedestrian Street. What kind of architect can resist such temptations? We sure could not, and one day we stopped for a talk with the old miller. He was like millers should be, cheery and  obliging and welcomed us in for a closer look. We dove into a piece of Lillehammer history and came up with cobwebs in our hair and
stars in our eyes. The mill had 7 feet thick stone walls, secret rooms, narrow passages, mysterious transport corridors, strange machines and installations – everything covered with a fine dust of grain and flour.
There was not a doubt in our mind; this place had great potential, especially since we were in the middle of the city that would host the 1994 Winter Olympics. We learned that the mill was closing down  and that the property was for sale. In other words, we had a possible project in front of us, a very interesting one too. Investors and banks were on board instantly; this was a project they believed in. The desire was that both the overall impression and the separate details of the hotel should emphasize the nature of the business that for generations had taken place just here. The name became Mølla  Hotel and after 1 ½ years of rebuilding the hotel was ready to
accommodate guests during the Winter Olympics of 1994.

Del Mølla med venner