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Toppen Bar

In the old mill greatness days Lillehammer known for its many water pumps. Today you will find the city‘s highest watering top Bar, under Kornsilo glass dome. It is perhaps daring to call Toppen Bar a water post, but we would like it to work as the old water records made; as an informal meeting place. “We serve more than water on Toppen Bar“

Egon restaurant

Our restaurant Egon located in the 145 years old Kvernhuset is also well worth a visit. Half meter thick granite walls, solid beams, millstones, tools from the old mill days creates a very special atmosphere. Here you can sit in secluded and sheltered nooks and admire the interior and the building’s history. At Egon everyone should feel at home.

Conference & meetings

Separate the wheat from the chaff and serve a gold nugget at Mill loft! Theme at our conference, mill loft is Sigrid Undset’s life and work. You can separate the wheat from the chaff and serve your gold grains.